That Dog - Old Timer 
(Directed by Spike Jonze long before you ever liked him)

“… hey old timer, why are you drinking red wine at Shakies?…”

“Hey old timer, why are you Tumbling and not Tweeting?”

Some of my Facebook friends advised me against starting a personal blog, alleging that the medium has become “irrelevant” since the popular ascent of Twitter. I vehemently disagree with this misshapen futurism, which is content to dispose of reflection, context and, indeed, content at it’s own peril.

Perhaps this stance renders me into a backward-thinking old timer. Admittedly, even I feel a little like the critic Neil Postman who, in his condescending yet prescient, manifesto Amusing Ourselves to Death, warned that an uncritical, “everyone is doing it, this is the future,” embrace of television would erode our literate culture. Still, it boggles my mind that many can point to a Twitter feed that’s comprised of nothing but hyperlinks, inane and unqualified declarations (“just got to starbucks. mmm, fuel”, “… wants to kill grandma…”) as well as isolated bits of exchanges between users and keep a straight face while they say, “this my friends, is the future of online content.” These are practically the same people who in the late-nineties insisted that e-commerce was going to kill brick and mortar retail by the end of 2010.

Let’s come back to Earth and consider this for a moment. If no one is blogging, what are the tweeters going to hyperlink to?

Perhaps I’m wrong, and Beavis, of Beavis and Butthead fame, was correct when giving his commentary on the above video — most of the time, old people forget when to close their mouths