Much of what you’ve heard about crime in Winnipeg is hyperbole and sensationalism. It’s not advisable to walk around any city with a fancy camera hung around your neck. However, I did take my Vivitar Ultra Slim and Wide with me almost every day. Here are some of the photos that I took with it.

Here’s a sampling of the prints that I just received of my trial run with the Vivitar Slim & Wide. These were shot on Likon ASA 200 35mm and developed at the Shopper’s Drug Mart out-lab.

The viewfinder doesn’t do the actual focal length justice. With my next roll, I’m going to frame tighter before shooting. Also, if I didn’t own so much it — ten rolls on reserve — I’d be sure to use a faster and higher quality film stock. Likon 200 is great in nice bright sunlight, but even at the “magic hour” it’s slow and grainy. Also, other than really odd light leaks, I can’t explain that red colour cast in sunlight. Shopper’s fixed the prints, and I could always fix them in Lightroom, but it’s a rather puzzling way for an outdoor film stock to react.