John K Samson - When I Write My Masters Thesis

My honours thesis was 236 pages long, less the twenty-nine page bibliography. A typical honours thesis weights in at around forty pages, but I had to cover a lot of theoretical ground before presenting brave new theories. When I presented it to my supervisor she quipped that students are supposed to write their honours thesis before writing their masters thesis.

Trailer for John K. Samson’s forthcoming solo album, Provincial. Album drops on January 24, 2012

Not much of a story, but it’s very evocative of Samson’s songwriting.

The piece for my blogging project has finally been posted! It’s a travel guide to just about every site in Winnipeg that is mentioned in the lyrics and song titles of the band the Weakerthans. 

Yes, it is very long. One of the aims of my new project is to encourage long form writing, with greater context and description, on blogs. I’m not anti-Twitter, I’m just counter-Twitter.